At QRTD, we want to change the way shopping works, the whole world over.

We want an end to false advertising, insincere influencing and disappointing deliveries, and we’re going to create the change we want to see. QRTD is a shopping platform powered by AI, but founded on the kind of genuine recommendations that passion alone can generate - for the trainers that comfortably gave you a new personal best, to the moisturiser you just can't live without, and so much more. 

Regular people get a commission on sharing the stuff they love with their circle and the QRTD community, and shoppers get the benefit of real experience when they make their choices. What follows is an ecosystem of pure positivity - because when brands make great stuff, they’ll naturally rise to the top. 
It puts influence and rewards in the hands of everyday people, and it makes the world of shopping a much better place. Anyone can become a creator on our platform, and start benefiting from their passions and recommendations straight away. 

The future of shopping is sharing. 

Are you as excited as we are?

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