Get rewarded for sharing what you love.

We’re building a community of passionate people with authentic recommendations at the heart.

Anyone can become a creator and share on our platform, regardless of their number of followers. We understand the value of genuine word of mouth and want to make sure you get paid well for it. We will always be fair and transparent, and our commission structure is consistent to allow you to choose the products you genuinely love.

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Your passion has power.

Whether you’re talking about skincare, trainers, tech or a custom built road bike, the tale you tell of your experience is what will encourage others to buy, or shy away.

When people recommend something they really believe in, the passion is unmistakable, and it’s unfakeable. It’s infectious - and hugely persuasive to shoppers: much more so than an advert or a sponsored post. It’s why our focus is on genuine advocacy, not cheap influence. We believe that when you share the stuff you love, it matters more and should be rewarded. 

We’re building a community of creators, using your experience and creativity to help others that share your interests, to make really good choices. Our platform uses AI to get your content to the people who’d value it most. You’ll get paid for purchases, and rewarded with incentives built around the things you love. Ultimately, we just want to help you make your passions a bigger part of your life.

Share the brand you love, and get rewarded for your recommendations.

We make it easy for you to share the products you love, and curate collections you really believe in. We work with hundreds of brands, connecting you to the ones you really rate.

Set up your shop in minutes.

Upload video recommendations for all the products you love - these will become your own curated shopfront on our platform. Your content will quickly appear in a shopping feed (we’ll generate the audience, from a community of like-minded people) to discover your finds. 

You can then share your product edit across your social media accounts and Whatsapp groups, so your favourite people have a single home to find all your favourite things - be that a road bike or favourite shampoo. Or both.  

It couldn't be simpler to start sharing.

We’ve designed our shopping platform to be incredibly simple. All you need to do is create and share genuine recommendations - anyone that clicks through your content and makes a purchase will do so directly in our app. The retailer then handles the rest. No inventory, no shipping, no worries. 

The more you use QRTD, the better it gets.

With every bit of content you make, we’ll learn more about who responds to your ideas and choices, and the kind of brands you’ll like. Our machine-learning technology is world class, and we’ll make sure you’ll see the benefits. 

Real-time data to help you make better content.

Track your sales, understand who’s buying through your content and analyse what’s performing best for you. 

Real-time data at your fingertips

Track total sales, drill down on who’s purchasing, analyze which content is performing and/or what products are selling best.

Your Analytics Dashboard helps you make better decisions on how to grow your business.