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The people who genuinely love your brand will be its best ever salespeople.

Introducing a new recommendation-led community commerce platform that uses passion to power sales. 

We’re changing the way
the world shops.

The power of a personal recommendation is much more compelling than an ad - or a paid influencer - will ever be. And a product bought because of a heartfelt recommendation from a friend or an expert is nearly always a winner.

These are two reasons why QRTD is revolutionising the way we shop. QRTD is creating a new ecosystem that rewards people for sharing what they genuinely love, guiding people to great product choices and helping brilliant brands rise naturally to the top. 

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Connect with people who love your products (and want to shout about them).

On QRTD it’s easy to access passionate people keen to share your products with their communities. Once active, your product library is open to all the people most likely to love it. This opens an active lead-generator, for you to connect with sharers ready to make content about your products.

A Guaranteed ROI.

To foster authentic recommendations, our system is designed to be completely open and fair to all parties. Anyone who shares products gets paid based on sales - not reach or impressions. Their commission is predetermined, and applied once per confirmed purchase - so your ROI is guaranteed on every product you sell through QRTD.

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The best of machine learning and data = the best human shopping experience.

Our world-class machine learning technology means the more people use QRTD, the better the results for your business become. We’ll constantly learn about the kind of people who love your products, the kind of authentic sharers who resonate with your audience and the kind of shoppers who are likely to keep coming back to you.

Better still, you have live data that keeps you in the know about your products, sharers and shoppers. It’s the perfect blend of AI, and real human passion - giving us the best of tech possibility and people power on one platform. 

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Passion led competitions and rewards make us an exciting place to shop and sell.

We want shopping with us to be rewarding and fun. So we’ll be serving up prizes and perks - helped along by AI that tells us exactly when shoppers and sharers will welcome a thank you. Brands can connect directly with people that they know love their products - surprising them with exactly the stuff they’re passionate about, and giving them the chance to reward their own communities with prizes. Our instant-win rewards engine has been designed to surprise and delight an already super-engaged audience, while discounts, experiences and prizes allow us to keep rewarding our community for spending time with us. It's all part of our desire to inspire people to make their passions a bigger part of their life.

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Nothing is more compelling than real passion.

The timing couldn’t be better for QRTD. The passion, inspiration and influence of creators is widely seen as the future of retail, while the booming social commerce marketplace is predicted to hit $4.4 trillion globally in 2026.

Our platform goes beyond social commerce - we’re building community commerce: a positive ecosystem built around sharing genuine advocacy and authentic passion, rather than cheap influence. We offer a more relevant and risk-free channel for brands, who won’t have to pay influencers or ad-makers. Just a fair commission on a sale, to someone who genuinely loves your product.

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