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Showcase your products on QRTD, an inspirational shopping platform that opens new doors to generate sales.

Changing the way the world shops

People sharing their passion for the ‘things’ they love is a powerful sales tool.

Today, millions of people (Creators) dedicate time and creativity on content featuring products they love. Their inspiration appeals to a likeminded community and influences their desire to purchase.

QRTD aims to redefine digital commerce. With a proprietary platform where all products for sale are featured by Creators, QRTD is built shoppable and social, 100% inspirational and hyper-personalized to every consumer.

Immersive, engaging, and mobile first QRTD provides brands a new effective sales channel that is risk free.

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Creators you want, at your fingertips

On QRTD you can access a pool of passionate Creators to generate sales.

Once active, your product library is automatically discoverable by those with the strongest affinity towards your brand.

This opens an active lead-generator for you from qualified Creators wanting to sell your products.

Guaranteed ROI

QRTD’s business model is transparent and democratic.

Creators are paid commission based on direct impact of sales, not on audience reach or impressions generated.

As cost-of-sale is predetermined and only applied once a transaction is confirmed, your ROI is built-in on every product you sell.

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Sales growth driven by machine learning

QRTD’s world-class machine learning technology optimizes your business opportunity the more you use it.

It recommends a perfect match of Creators relevant to your brand, and hyper targets the right Creator content with the right consumer.

A smart shopping platform that learns and evolves, QRTD continually maximizes opportunity and sales conversations.

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Trusted competitions supercharge awareness

QRTD’s proprietary instant-win competition engine is perfect to create additional excitement and buzz.

Integrated as a surprise & delight feature in the shopping experience, every competition is served to the right audience at the right time.

Offer free products or discounts as secondary prizes, QRTD’s competitions boosts brand affinity and generates new sales opportunities.

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As Creators succeed, brands succeed

The passion, inspiration and influence of Creators has deemed them as “the future of retail” in a booming social commerce marketplace predicted to hit $2,900 Billion globally in 2026.

QRTD maximizes this opportunity as Creators can monetize their passion by being featured on an inspirational shopping platform, creating a more relevant and risk-free sales channel for brands.

You’re in good company

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